CDC releases outdoor and indoor mask guidelines: exercise, dining and socializing could be mask free


On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) loosened its mask guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated. It is an initial attempt to bring about normalcy since over 30 percent of Americans have received the two mandatory doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC Director Rachel Walensky spoke at a virtual White House press briefing and said that there were many situations where fully vaccinated people need not wear masks, when they were outdoors.


CDC guidelines where a mask is not required for fully vaccinated people


Americans who have received both shots of a coronavirus vaccine can walk, run, hike, or bike outdoors, alone or with family members. They can go to small outdoor gatherings with fully vaccinated family or friends or even a mixed group of both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. They can also dine outdoors, in restaurants accompanied by friends from multiple households.


CDC guidelines where a mask is recommended for fully vaccinated people


Although Americans may be fully vaccinated there are a few places and events where the CDC recommends the wearing of masks. These include live performances, parades or sporting events. It is suggested that masks are worn when visiting a barber shop, a salon, an indoor shopping mall, a museum or an indoor movie theater.



Other place where a mask is recommended is an indoor gathering which has both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The guidelines also mention that it is better to be masked when attending full capacity services at a house of worship or when singing in an indoor chorus.


Although public health experts have been saying that the risk of transmission or infection with the coronavirus is low outdoors, it is safer to take precautions where the outdoors are crowded. It is necessary to wear masks outdoors if everyone has not been vaccinated.


CDC also said that it could not provide the specific risk level for every activity in every community. It added that Americans should consider their own personal situation and the risk to them and to their families and communities “before venturing out without a mask.”

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