Celebrity Beyoncé promises to replace ableist slur from Renaissance album but stops short of apology unlike celebrity Lizzo

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Celebrity Beyoncé has vowed that she will remove an ableist slur from a new track Heated with Drake from her newest album Renaissance. However, the 40-year old singer didn’t apologize for using the slur in the first place. It is surprising that the ableist slur was used as Lizzo had used a similar word and had to change the lyrics of her song, last month. Lizzo apologized for using the slur.

Beyoncé faced a lot of backlash after using such words not only from her fans who are called the BeyHive as she is the Queen Bey but also from disability equality charity, Scope. The celebrity singer collaborated with another celebrity singer Drake on the song Heated.

Although the words she used that we are prefer not to mention as they’re insensitive have can have a different meaning in the U.S., it is also extremely well known that there’s a derogative meaning to the words. What is more surprising is that Lizzo used the ableist slur and was called out for it, weeks ago. The celebrity singer also apologized for using it, a while ago and just a month later history is repeating itself as Beyoncé’s track used a similar slur.

Anyway, Beyoncé, who is considered to be a global role model by many, finally released a statement, on Monday which said, “The word, not used intentionally in a harmful manner, will be replaced in the lyrics.” Celebrity singer Beyoncé didn’t apologize for using the ableist slur.

Earlier, before Beyoncé released a statement saying that the offensive slur would be removed. Warren Kirwan, who is the Media Manager at Scope, a charity that works for disability equality, said, “It’s appalling that one of the world’s biggest stars has chosen to include this deeply offensive term.”

Tangent: Although Beyoncé said that the slur was not used intentionally, it was used in an insensitive manner. There was also a precedent when Lizzo was called out for using the word. Yet, it was ignored. Fans all over the world might realize that that their heroes, heroines, influencers and reality stars have feet of clay and some of them might hesitate to putting them on high pedestals, as a result of their behavior.


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