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    Celebrity Gwen Stefani Announces New Beauty Collection with Iconic Blue-Hair Look, Fans Show Love

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    Celebrity lead vocalist and songwriter Gwen Stefani is someone people will never forget. The intergalactic reality she served at the MTV Video Music Awards, made history in pop culture. The singer shared this treasured memory, highlighting the 25-year-old red-carpet performance by No Doubt.

    When Gwen attended the 1998 VMAs, she unveiled her third iconic look. The native of the Bay Area recently posted a brief reminder on social media for the benefit of her those whose recollections might be hazy.

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    No Doubt’s chameleonic frontwoman embodied the decade’s ebullient DIY spirit. Now, she has condensed her recognizable style for beauty into a fresh line of cosmetics available only at Sephora.

    As a shrewd entrepreneur would, the celebrity used the epic moment to launch a new project with her GXVE Beauty team. The throwback was posted on the GXVE Beauty social media account along with the announcement that a collection inspired by the blue appearance would soon be available.

    Gwen provided her fans with a sneak peek into her forthcoming GXVE Beauty launch. The social media post included a composite of Gwen in her 1998 outfit and future fashion.

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    A post shared by GXVE Beauty (@gxvebeauty)

    Gwen’s flashy blue hair for the throwback was one of the noteworthy hair changes over the years. She had space buns in her hair, and some of the tresses reached her shoulders.

    For big 90s vibes, she also wore a fuzzy blue bikini top. With a skirt-over-the-pants scenario, Gwen upped the ante and infused the scene with a 90s vibe. Blake Shelton’s wife flaunted a beautifully adorned face that drew influence from Bollywood, with stunning crystals expertly placed on her cheeks. Finally, Gwen wore jelly sandals, which were a true sign of the period. Gwen looked stunning in the latest images for the upcoming GXVE Beauty collection, rocking platinum blonde hair and vivid blue eye shadow.

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    One year after the celebrity songwriter launched the company, the brand has gone a long way. In March of last year, Gwen reportedly released GXVE Beauty. The name of the cosmetics line, which is spelled like the word “give,” comes from Gwen’s signature, which consists of a “G” and an “X.” Gwen worked as a makeup artist in a department shop before she became well-known.

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