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Celebrity host Jenna Bush speaks of friendship between grandfather George H.W. Bush and Clinton

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Celebrity host Jenna Bush Hager wants political leaders to follow the examples set by her grandfather former President H.W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton as well as her father former President George Bush and former First Lady Michelle Obama. The Today host, who is a former First Daughter reflected on the good relationships leaders of both political parties in the nation had and have with each other, despite having different political ideologies.

The 40-year old celebrity host told the Daily Mail that her grandfather George H. W. Bush had been “crushed” when he lost the presidential election in 1992. However, he left a kind note for the winner of the election President Bill Clinton.

The former First Daughter was reflecting on the bitter midterms campaigns that had recently taken place in the nation. She felt that there is a need for less “divisive” comments between candidates from opposing parties.

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In the exclusive to the outlet, Jenna Bush that a few years after a crushing defeat of Bush by Clinton, both the former Presidents: George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton were brought together by her father former President George Bush to raise funds for “different things.”

Jenna Bush Hager said that the two former presidents forged a deep bond after working together for the nation and the senior Bush became “a bit of a surrogate father” for Clinton. She added that their friendship lasted for decades. They even traveled far and wide to raise funds for natural disasters.

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Jenna Bush shared a memory of how Bill Clinton would refer to himself as “the fifth son and the black sheep of the family.”

The 40-year Today host also spoke of a more recent friendship between her father former President George Bush and former First Lady Michelle Obama. This friendship has been documented with viral photos on social media.

Jenna Bush Hager on the ‘Sisterhood’ of Former First Daughters: ‘We Know What It’s Like’

The TV host said that although people had different “political thoughts” they also had “dreams for our kids.” She said that despite the “division,” there was a lot of “love” too and “after a global pandemic, let’s focus on the good.”

Jenna Bush believes that there’s a lot of good in the nation everywhere but “it gets lost.” She concluded, “You’ve just gotta look for it.”

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