Celebrity Jay-Z and Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey to Launch ‘The Bitcoin Academy,’ with Free Crypto Classes

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and hip-hop superstar, celebrity Jay-Z have decided to establish a school in order to provide free cryptocurrency education.

This program is dubbed ‘The Bitcoin Academy,’ and it will organize a series of workshops on cryptocurrency trading and minting to break down the informational barrier for inhabitants of Marcy Houses in Brooklyn, which also happens to be Jay-hometown. Z’s Crypto Blockchain Plug and Black Bitcoin Billionaire will present these free crypto classes, which will be available both in-person and online.

This informative seminar will be led by cryptocurrency specialist Najah J. Roberts of Crypto Blockchain Plug and Lamar Wilson software developer of Black Bitcoin Billionaire.

This initiative intends to give education, empower the community with knowledge, and remove some of the barriers so that locals may learn more about Bitcoin particularly and finance in general, The Bitcoin Academy’s website stated. According to reports, participants will also be granted some bitcoins.

Dorsey and the celebrity rapper have long been colleagues and Bitcoin promoters. Aside from collaborating on TIDAL, which Jay-Z sold to Dorsey, the couple invested 500 BTC together last year with a focus on growing the cryptocurrency’s appeal in India and Africa.

The Bitcoin Academy is supported by personal grants from the two entrepreneurs. The hip-hop artist is establishing this crypto educational effort in the hopes of assisting residents of Marcy Housings in obtaining employment training in the burgeoning Web3 business.

This courses will begin in September. In addition to education, attendees of these crypto seminars will be offered dinner following in-person presentations. The Bitcoin Academy will not only teach crypto to adults, but also to children aged five to seventeen.

Dorsey’s online payments company ‘Block’ (previously ‘Square’) is contributing extra grants and on-the-ground assistance to this effort. While the US government has yet to issue regulations governing the crypto sector, it has taken steps to raise public awareness of the industry.

The US Treasury Department launched a campaign in March to raise awareness about the hazards of investing in cryptocurrencies. Its Financial Literacy Education Commission is also planning to develop training materials and conduct outreach to educate the public on how crypto assets work and how they differ from conventional forms of payment.

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