Celebrity Mila Kunis to launch Web3 Entertainment franchise ‘Armored Kingdom with Sharad Devarajan

When a movie celebrity, Mila Kunis and a tech superhero creator Sharad Devarajan of Graphic India join together in a new venture on Web3, the results are expected to be stunning. The new entertainment franchise called Armored Kingdom Media Inc. will consist of a Web3 trading card game, digital comics as well as animation and film. The franchise’s products will be built on NEAR, a community-driven blockchain, which is carbon neutral.

The sci-fi/fantasy franchise Armored Kingdom is giving away a free limited-edition Issue No. 0 comic book as an NFT. This commemoration NFT will be available only for seven days.

Celebrity actor Mila Kunis is a diehard TCG/MMO gamer who has promoted Armored Kingdom’s games and comics and has a presence on Web3 animation space. She and Devarajan founded the franchise with a few others such as Lindsey McInerney, Lisa Sterbakov and Hugh Sterbakov. The franchise’s writer and game designer is Brian Turner.

The first asset to be launched in the collection to bring people inside the world of Armored Kingdom will be a five-issue series of comics that would be both digital and physical. This will be followed by a digital card game that will be the second phase of the franchise. It will be launched later in the year.

Actor, producer and Web3 innovator Mila Kunis said that she had “lost a good part” of her youth to gaming and mentioned games she played including World of Warcraft and Settlers of Catan. She added that the moment she “dove into Web3” she realized that it offered an opportunity for creating an “immersive universe.”

The celebrity actor and avid gamer explained that blockchain technology deepened the gaming experience. She also believed that the technology behind Web3 made gaming more personal and immersive. She also said that they couldn’t wait to share more of Armored Kingdom with gamers.

Devarajan, media entrepreneur of Graphic India described the franchise as a “dream project” for all of them. He said that the “new story telling experience” would “push Web3 technology further” and NEAR, with its “carbon-neutral-user friendly platform” had impressed their Armored Kingdom team.

NEAR CEO Marieke Flament called NEAR as a “perfect blockchain for an entertainment franchise and said that they were excited to support the Armored Kingdom launch and would continue to focus on ease of use to help gamers.

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