Celebrity Owen Wilson Loses Rims, Tires of His Tesla in California Theft

Owen Wilson at John Lasseter’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood, CA 11-1-11

Hollywood actor, celebrity Owen Wilson was the victim of a grand theft auto robbery that occurred on Sunday. The rims and tires of his Tesla were stolen when the car was parked right outside his house in Santa Monica, California.

Wilson had parked his Tesla on Saturday night, May 21, but when he returned on Sunday morning, burglars had stolen the tires and rims.

Officers in the area are currently reviewing surveillance footage from surrounding homes to see if any of the cameras captured an image of the burglars and if there are any clues, according to TMZ.

Rudy Flores, Santa Monica Police Department Lieutenant, has reportedly said that there was nothing seen and there were no witnesses to the crime. The actor from Midnight in Paris learned of the crime the next morning.

The estimated damage is around $4000, which is probably not a lot of money for a big-name Hollywood actor but is bound to be an unpleasant nuisance.

According to reports, local residents revealed that this type of crime is becoming more regular in their neighborhood.


Under California law, personal goods valued at more than $950 stolen from an individual is classified as grand theft. It is classified as a felony or a misdemeanor.

It is unknown what model Tesla celebrity Wilson owns. According to sports television network Motor Trend, the Tesla Model X costs more than $100,000, while the Model 3 might cost as little as $45,000. The electric car company provides a variety of electric vehicles, with the base Model 3 starting at $43,990.

The event is being investigated as grand theft by the local police department. As of Tuesday, no arrests had been made in the case, and investigators were reviewing surveillance footage in the area.

In Los Angeles, the number of reported crimes has increased. The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recorded 39,894 stolen automobiles in 2021, a 17% increase from 34,003 in 2020.

Despite his current focus on auto maintenance, the celebrity is also involved in the production of several feature films.

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