Celebrity Rapper Cardi B Denies Assaulting Fan with Mic During London Performance – Live Video

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Time and again, celebrity rapper Cardi B always manages to draw netizens’ attention to herself. The ‘Wap’ singer recently gave an amazing performance at London’s Finsbury Park’s Wireless Festival. On Friday, during her performance, Cardi moved into the crowd, and everyone was having a good time until she began shockingly assaulting a concertgoer with the mike she was holding.

The footage, which has gone viral, shows Cardi perched on the shoulder of a security guard and slightly looking at her side before she begins assaulting someone with a microphone. Cardi B and her collaborator Megan Thee Stallion delivered a sensuous performance of her hits like ‘Wap.’

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While it is still unclear what happened, it appears that someone attempted to touch her inappropriately. Another video, seen from the rear, shows a fan from the audience attempting to snag her microphone, and the second time, someone tried to pull down or improperly touch her, so she used the microphone to move that person away.

According to multiple sources, Cardi was rapping the verses of her 2017 hit, Bodak Yellow, while a security guard tried to keep her away from the adoring crowd. When one of her followers got a bit too close, she pumped her fist in the air in a crescendo, allowing her admirers to finish the chorus.

Cardi is also seen taking many digs at the would-be robber before continuing to recite the lyrics of her song. Other fans in attendance appeared to think Cardi’s aggressive reaction was justified, as the crowd erupted in chants of “Cardi” after both occurrences.

The rapper was performing in front of thousands of revelers in London’s Finsbury Park, and was angered by the severe 10.30pm cut-off when she astonished spectators with her back catalogue of great singles, accusing organizers of forcing her to speed her set. The curfew was implemented this year in response to noise concerns from homeowners, and Cardi sought to stay late, arguing that it ‘isn’t cool.’ The celebrity singer went backstage after her performance, looking irritated, while waving to a few fans.

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