Celebrity Rapper Fat Joe’s Reaction to Will Smith’s Oscar Slapgate

Celebrities are weighing in after taking some time to contemplate the events of this year’s Oscars, either freely or in response to requests for their thoughts. Janet Hubert, Tiffany Haddish, Benzino, and even Tony Rock have all expressed their opinions so far.

Joseph Antonio Cartagena, well known as Fat Joe, is the most recent star to speak up after being asked about the incident during an interview while reportedly strolling around the city.

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, according to the American rapper, has major ramifications for all POCs when it comes to demanding respect… especially because Will was the one who went aggressive in public.

(Photo/Credit: Instagram Fat Joe)

With the repercussions of Will Smith’s infamous Oscars slap on Chris Rock still rippling, a TMZ paparazzo questioned the hip hop legend whether he felt that as a minority, Will Smith’s actions in the community look bad.

The reporter asks Joe, “as a minority, do you think it makes us look bad?” He responded, “Of course it does.” Before continuing to talk about Smith saying, “It’s sad because Will Smith is such a beautiful person but he’s taking the hit.” Joe ended his response, “But it’s unfortunate because people are looking at the saying we don’t know how to act.”

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