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Celebrity rapper Kanye West announces presidential election bid: Ye to run again in 2024

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According to several outlets, celebrity rapper Kanye West announced that he would make a bid in the 2024 presidential elections. Earlier Ye, as he is now known as, had dropped out of the 2020 race as he had received not enough votes. In a video posted on social media, on Sunday the rapper mentioned his plan and named far-right Milo Yiannopoulous, to run his campaign. Former president Donald Trump has already announced his presidential bid, from his residence Mar-A-Lago and President Joe Biden is expected to announce his bid, early next year.

In a video posted by the “PatriotTakes” Twitter account, the 45-year old celebrity says, “This is Milo right here, working on the campaign”, according to an article in the New York Post. 

It continues, “Is that an announcement?” one of the men questions as both of them laugh.

Kanye West at a rally in North Charleston, South Carolina for his 2020 presidential campaign. Nice4What (talk | contribs)

“I guess it is.”

“Yiannopoulous replies, “Thanks, I accept.”

Yiannopoulous recently worked for Majorie Taylor Green, a Republican representative from Georgia, who is known to be both controversial as well as proficient in spreading conspiracy theories.

According to the outlet, the cameraman asks Ye, “So you are running?”

Ye answers, “Yes.” He continues saying, “It’s simple ‘cause ain’t nobody can tell me, you know ‘You should say this, you shouldn’t say that’ you know? It’s just we’re moving towards the future.”

The video was circulated hours after Kanye tested his Twitter account with two posts. In the first one he said that he was testing whether his account was back and received mixed responses while the second post said “Shalom” which means peace.

Kanye West was recently canceled or criticized by celebrity friends for his anti-semitic remarks. He also lost several lucrative business partnerships for his apparel and footwear brand Yeezy, weeks ago. The celebrity rapper lost his billionaire status almost overnight though he still remains a multi-millionaire.

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