Celebrity Selma Blair reveals long battle with alcoholism from age 7 in memoir


Selma Blair has explained her battle with alcoholism, from when she was seven years old in her upcoming memoir titled “Mean Baby.” It will be released on May 17. The celebrity actress candidly shared her habit of sipping alcohol through her school years, in an attempt to decrease anxiety. She also details the sexual abuse she faced in her teenage and college years as she used to be too drunk to fight off men who sexually assaulted her.

Selma Blair has never shied away from sharing the good and bad times of her personal life especially after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, in 2018. However, in an interview with PEOPLE, the celebrity star revealed shocking details including her addiction to alcohol that began at the age of seven.

She first got drunk on the Jewish holiday of Passover. She said that her parents were unaware of how much Manischewitz wine had drunk that night.

She said that she got through her childhood with alcohol as it was “a huge comfort, a relief in the beginning.” It became a “coping mechanism for her.”

The “Cruel Intentions” star also opened up about the horrific personal trauma that she has experienced and this included suicide attempts as well as multiple sexual assaults.

When she joined college, her abuse of alcohol became so much more that she became vulnerable to predators. She was too drunk too fight off the men who abused her.

She that that the personal traumas were so bad that she “drank to forget.” She also said that she had made a couple of attempts to commit suicide.



However, an incident in 2016 , when she had to leave a Delta flight in a stretcher, changed her habits. Witnesses told TMZ that she started crying and spoke of being abused by a man. She was taken off the flight to a nearby hospital.

The incidents made her realize how close she had been to death. She became sober after this incident. Selma Blair hopes that her memoir will help those who were living with similar burdens. She also said that she wrote it for her son.

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