Celebrity Todd and Julie Chrisley to Face 30-Year Imprisonment for Fraud Conspiracy

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Celebrity stars of reality TV show ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ Todd and Julie Chrisley, were convicted guilty of fraud and tax evasion. Julie was also charged with wire fraud and obstructing justice. On Tuesday, a federal jury in Atlanta, Georgia, convicted the ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ reality TV duo. Julie and her husband could both spend up to 30 years in prison.

Prosecutors claim the pair made the majority of their money through deception – according to a criminal complaint filed against them in 2019, the Chrisleys conspired to cheat banks of more than $30 million in loans in the years preceding up to their debut season. Peter Tarantino, their accountant, was also found guilty of various tax offences, including conspiracy to deceive the IRS.

Todd had a gay affair with his business partner, who assisted him in committing fraud before tipping off cops once their romance ended. The Chrisleys and their five children captivated viewers on their long-running reality series with their eccentric family dynamics and high jinks. The show focuses on their lavish lifestyle, Todd’s rigid work ethic, and his domineering parenting style.

According to NBCUniversal, the show is the most-watched current original series on USA Network, is popular among the 18-49 demographic and the ninth season will premiere on June 23.
Prosecutors claim that the celebrities misled financial institutions during a five-year period beginning around 2007. According to court records, the pair supplied banks with bogus documents on many occasions to get loans.

The pair used the money to buy fashionable clothes, real estate, and luxury cars, as well as to pay for their vacations. According to court papers, they also utilized the loans to pay off existing debts. The Chrisleys declared bankruptcy in 2012 while pocketing $20 million from the fraudulently obtained loans.

Todd and Julie, together with their accountant, began plotting to deceive the IRS by opening a corporation account called 7C’s Productions in Julie’s name. According to court records, millions of dollars were transferred into the account to save Todd from having to pay the money he owed the government.

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