Celebrity TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8 sextuplets turn 18

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On May 10, the sextuplets of the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 have turned 18. Most of the alum of the show including mother Kate lead quieter lives but father Jon Gosselin and celebrity daughter Hannah Gosselin took to social media to mark the occasion. Hannah made a splash on Miami as she drove in a Rolls Royce through Miami’s South Beach and celebrated her birthday at the Sugar Factory.

Hannah told Page Six that her birthday was “my type of heaven” as she drove in a 400,000 Rolls Royce with four of her friends to Miami and partied at the Sugar Factory. She also launched a brand new line of products that she described as “amazing.” The beauty and skin care brand is called Gosselin Girl.


Several photos of the birthday celebrations were posted on social media. They show her alighting from a white Rolls Royce. She wore a velvet orange dress. She also posed with her father and her friends. The backdrop in some pictures was an orange floral wall. It had “Hello Gorgeous” spelt in neon.

Hannah said that the only thing that was missing from her birthday was her siblings. She said that they had texted her happy birthday and she also texted back saying happy birthday after she woke up.

The former reality child stars who turned eighteen today are

While Hannah and Collin live with their father Jon Gosselin, Aaden, Alexis, Joel and Leah live with their mother Kate. They also have two older siblings Mady and Cara, who are 21 years old twins. The celebrity couple Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced in 2009, one month after their show was canceled

Kate Gosselin didn’t publicly celebrate her children’s 18th birthday on social media. Jon Gosselin posted a photo of them on the beach on his Instagram story. He wrote, “Happy 18th birthday! Today is your birthday I know you so proud.” He added “I love you, Love Dad.”

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