Chance Surprise Concert –

chancerapper1 (1).jpg Chance Surprise Concert –

Yesterday Chance The Rapper announced a surprise free Chicago concert for Saturday night while serving as grand marshal of the Bud Billiken Bash. Lots of police and barricades up because there’s a surprise Chance the Rapper concert happening, which I confirmed with Chicago PD on duty for it.

This is a soon to be line at Auditorium Theater. P.S. just talked to some roadies vaping outside and they said the Auditorium Theater is indeed the venue, and that it has not yet been announced.

But the roads are still barricaded up and down the street.

Because music is therapy & the best form of this therapy is live! Feeling the beat, the heart, of a song & seeing the artist’s true expression while performing. You can’t get that feeling from listening to the radio.

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