Check Fitbit and Google Stats with Google Assistant

Beginning this week, users can connect their Google Fit and Fitbit to Google Assistant. This will help them to get answers to several fitness questions. Both these devices can be paired with the Assistant but you can only have one active service, at a time. It is easy to both connect and disconnect the service.

After setting it up some of the questions that can be asked on your phone (both Android and iOS) as well as on Google Nest are as follows:
The number of steps taken by a user in a day or a week.
The heart rate of the user.
Fitbit also provides Exercise zones for peak, cardio and fat burn minutes.
The number of calories burnt.

The answers appear as cards. There is an accompanying icon and a line that says “Data from” The data will also say that the data provided is “based on your last sync.”

As the Pixel Watch is expected to arrive this fall, this will also sync with the Fitbit and there could be additional upgrades as well. Features including fitness tracking and stats as well as progress will be integrated. There could also be features that help with personal fitness goals. The Fitbit Premium will display Sleep Sensing on the 2nd gen Nest Hub.

Last year, Google added the popular fitness tracker Fitbit. This wearable tech device has recently been synced with Google Assistant to provide data on smart phones. As the Pixel Watch is launched more updates and integration could be seen as the giant tech company would prefer users to integrate its various software and hardware under its own umbrella of products and services.

Google has always integrated its services and products to work with different ecosystems and has synced with both Android and iOS. As it increases the devices it offers, would it expect its users to integrate under its own ecosystem as Apple has from when it began operations or will it continue to welcome all into its services by syncing with both Android and IOS remains to be seen.

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