Chris Cuomo returns to CNN, But The Network is Watching


Chris Cuomo returns to his nightly CNN broadcast after a brief requested time off per CNN. Amid the New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., resignation  and sexual harassment scandal -the tie between the two brothers’ relationship  has put CNN’s journalism ethics under a fine-tooth comb.

Chris Cuomo’s night show on CNN is the networks most popular show Cuomo brother where he celebrated  and commented frequently about his brother, Gov Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the COVID-19. Chris Cuomo said he e “tried to do the right thing,” but some critics are looking for an  independent outside investigator to thoroughly review the conduct of CNN management and the networks, as reported by CNN.



Cuomo has nothing to do with his brother’s alleged sexual misconduct, but he has advised him along with his top aides, and this represents a major conflict for him and CNN.

“Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor was among the viewers who feel the CNN host has lost trust and respectability.” Reports CNN.

Chris Cuomo was interviewed as part of the investigation and testified he urged his brother to show remorse.

Chris Cuomo’s statement on his first segment of returning to CNN addresses the resignation of Andrew Cuomo- He confirmed reporting from The New York Times that he ultimately advised the governor to resign. “And yes, while it was something I never imagined ever having to do, I did urge my brother to resign when the time came,” Chris Cuomo said. He also said, “I’m not an adviser,” he said. “I’m a brother.”



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