CNN+ fired employees receive another blow from Warner Bros Discovery after layoffs

Warner Bros Discovery shut down CNN+ the streaming service of the CNN network on April 21, barely weeks after the platform was launched. The parent company of the news channel also laid off hundreds of employees, some of whom had joined weeks before. There was a lot of anguish and angst that escalated even after the employees left as they were mistakenly sent welcome packages from CNN; after losing their jobs at the network.

The Wall Street Journal reported that a week later, many of the staffers of the erstwhile CNN+ received packages from CNN. These boxes contained gear that had the network’s brand and included items such as pens and food containers. People told the outlet that some of them received small equipment such as a popcorn maker, headphones and more.

Some boxes had welcome notes. The WSJ reported the contents of a note.“This is an incredible time to be part of CNN,” one note said. “Build relationships and take time to connect with colleagues and learn so that you make the most of your time here.”

CNN said that the gifts were sent by mistake. However, the timing was such that it was a double blow to many of those who had been laid off, weeks after they had joined or who had left stable jobs to be a part of what they considered to be a step upwards or a more exciting phase of their erstwhile careers with the now defunct streaming platform.

Many employees had joined to further their ambitions and perhaps to earn more and get better exposure for their professional talents. Instead, CNN+ collapsed like that of a fairytale; a huff and puff blew the CNN+ house down.

The streaming platform that was a $300 million and counting unique operation collapsed like a house of cards or a sandcastle as a strong wind of a corporate merger destroyed the streaming service. Business decisions result in closures and power plays leading to layoffs but mistakes such as sending welcome gifts to laid off employees, even by mistake, is something that could have been avoided, with a little bit of care.

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