Coldplay drops Music of the Spheres, says will stop making albums when it reaches a dozen


On Friday, British band Coldplay dropped its ninth album Music of the Spheres to mixed reception. The album not only features lead singer Chris Martin and his band but also has songs with Selena Gomez and BTS. Earlier, Chris Martin told NME that the band will stop dropping albums after they complete their twelfth one. However, he also mentioned that Coldplay would like to continue performing into their seventies, just like the Rolling Stones.

Before Friday’s launch of their new LP, 44-year old Martin said, “I don’t think we’ll only make 12 albums. i know that’s what we’ll do.” Well, Coldplay band members are in their forties and they haven’t as yet mentioned when their 12th album will be launched. The members of Coldplay are

Chris Martin—44
Jonny Buckland—44
Guy Berryman—43
Will Champion—43.

The frontman also dropped an interesting nugget of information. Coldplay had attempted to write a theme song for Bond, multiple times but never submitted them as they thought that the songs were not good.

The band had written songs for five Bond movies but were unable to strike a synergistic note with the concept of the movies, although they like James Bond movies.

Chris also spoke about their latest album Music of the Spheres. He said that it consisted of a compilation of songs that were located in a distant galaxy. They made up this fictional galaxy.

He described the album as a bit of “sci-fi” and “everything” though it really was a “bunch of love songs.” He also said that it was not even set in space though the theme was galactic.

When he appeared on The Zach Sang Show, the lead singer of Coldplay had said that he had wondered what musicians were like across the Universe, when he was watching a scene in Star Wars that depicted the Cantina band. This was what lead to the concept of their latest album. Martin said that the track Higher Power was set in the fictional planet of Kaotica and so were the rest of the tracks in the album.

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