A Refreshing Drink To Welcome You All

A refreshing natural drink made from mint, lemon and ginger.


2 cups of fresh mint leaves
1 liter of water
A pinch of green color (food grade)


1. Pick the mint leaves and wash it in running water.
2. Clean and grate the ginger.
3. Heat water in a vessel and add sugar to it. Let the sugar dissolve; filter the sugar syrup with a thin muslin cloth.
4. Boil it further on medium heat till the syrup becomes a bit thick, about 20 minutes. Take off heat and cool the syrup.
5. Now add the mint leaves, grated ginger and juice of lemons. Leave it aside for 4-5 hours to let the mint flavor seep into the syrup. Add green color if required.
6. Store the concentrate in a clean glass bottle.
7. To make the drink, pour about 1 tbsp. of the concentrate and add water to suit your taste.

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