Abbey Beers that are brewed by commercial brewers

Belgian beer that are brewed by commercial brewers, and license their name from abbeys, some defunct, some still operating. While identical in style to Trappist beers, only beers brewed in actual monasteries may call themselves “Trappist.”


Other names: Trappist
Translations: アビービール, الدير بيرز, Abbaye Beers, Abbey Bere, Abbey Piva, Abteibiere, Abbazia di Beers, אבי בירס, Аббеи Пива, Abdijbieren, 수도원 맥주, अभय बीयर्स, Abadía Beers, Аббі Бірс, 修道院啤酒, Abbey Øl, Абби Бирс, Abadia Beers
Credit: Foodista


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