Abok Abok Sago

Abok Abok Sago is a traditional Malay dessert also known as Kuih. Sago is one of the main ingredient in this recipe that is chewy in texture and can be prepared in different versions.


300g Green sago (or white sago)
250g Caster sugar (or gula melaka)
3 pcs Pandan leaves
50g Water
250g White grated coconut
1/8 tsp Salt


1. Rinse and soak green sago in water for 30 minutes, drain well.
2. Boil sugar, pandan leaves and water together till sugar dissolved as sugar syrup.
3. Mix green sago and sugar syrup together, stir well.
4. Pour into a 8 inches square tin (grease tin with oil) and steam for 30 minutes and leave to cool.
5. Steam white coconut with 1/8 tsp salt for 10 minutes.
6. Cut cooked green sago with a knife or plastic cutter (grease with little oil) into small pieces and coat with white grated coconut and serve.
Credit: Foodista

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