Chinese New Year Aromatic Golden Chrysanthemum Chicken golden flowers

There are many health benefits of Chrysanthemum, and the ” golden flowers ” are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various internal and external health issues.

You can serve this soupy Golden Chrysanthemum Chicken dish which has a slight floral aroma with a refreshing taste for your Chinese New Year feast.


1 medium Chicken
2 tbsp Chrysanthemum flowers
6 Red dates
2 small Snow fungus
1.7 litres Water
3-4 tsp Salt
Pepper to taste


1. Soak Chinese herbs in water till soft.
2. Discard base from snow fungus when soft and set aside.
3. Remove unwanted chicken parts like neck, innards and fats. Separate chicken feet and cut off nails.
4. Blanch chicken and feet in boiling water. Drain. Boil water in Thermos Shuttle Chef® inner pot and cook chicken and feet for about 5 mins. Add dates and fungus and cook for another 5 mins.
5. Add chrysanthemum, cover pot and turn off heat.
6. Transfer to outer pot and let it brew for about 2 hrs.
7. Heat up inner pot just before serving and add seasonings, and your Golden Chrysanthemum Chicken is ready to be on the table.
8. * For slow-cooker: Follow steps 1 to 3, then blanch your chicken and add into water with dates and fungus and leave it to cook overnight on auto. Throw in chrysanthemum about an hour before serving.
Credit: Foodista


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