Creamy ricotta and spinach spaghetti


150g spaghetti,
1 x large onion (chopped),
1 x garlic clove (minced),
200g spinach leaves,
125g ricotta (I use Galbani),
1 x tbsp of toasted pine nuts,
Salt and pepper.


1. Place a pot of water on the heat and when it boils add salt, spaghetti and cook for 9 minutes or until ‘aldente’,
2. Whilst the pasta is cooking, place a non stick pan on the heat and gently cook the onion and garlic until soft,
3. Turn the heat down on the pan, and add the spinach and place the lid on top for a minute or two,
4. Stir the ricotta into the spinach mix, place the lid back onto the pan and set aside off the heat until the pasta is ready,
5. Drain the pasta and then mix in the spinach and ricotta mix,
6. If you decide on the pine nuts, simply toast them in a non stick pan until they start turning golden,
7. Enjoy with a grating of parmesan (optional), chilli oil (optional) and a nice glass of chilled white wine.
Credit: Foodista


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