Easy 30 minute ready potato “sails” with turkey ham, onion and cheese

This is a very simple recipe that was cooked for decades in mountainous part of Ukraine.

It’s cheap, fast to cook and very simple dish, but surprisingly it’s amazingly delicious. Some dishes should be complicated, some are simple. Honestly, even your kids can cook it. Just boil potato for them in advance and… by the time you are home – they have themselves a nice dinner.


Potatoes (I take 3-4 per person)
Any meat (turkey, ham, bacon)
Onion (optional) . I do put onion in it gives different flavor to the dish, If you don’t like the onion – then don’t put it.
Tomato (optional) it should be firm, so that you could slice it))
Herbs (parsley, dill, basil)
Mayo (6-12 teaspoons)


1. Boil potatoes until soft and cooked. You can boil them in the evening so, that the next day you could cook this dish after work in 10 minutes. (I don’t peel potatoes, just wash them very carefully. Potato skin is very useful and has a lot of vitamins)
2. Cut potatoes in halves lengthwise. Then put you potato halves on the microwaveable dish (or baking dish), season: salt-pepper-oregano, cover each potato half with thin layer of mayo. Then put onion, tomato, meat and cover with cheese. (On each half you should put a slice of onion, a slice of tomato, a slice meat (ham, bacon etc.), a slice of cheese.
3. *** Tip from Helen: The slices of onion, tomato should be very-very thin. I use deli (turkey, bacon, ham) and cheese that were sliced at the store, the slices are thin. You can use any cheese you like except for American cheese ***
4. When you covered all the potato halves put it to bake (I put it in microwave for 5-10 minutes).
5. Serve warm, with homemade tomato sauce or without.
6. These potatoes will taste good even when cold!
7. Enjoy!
8. Helen @Helen’s Cooking
Credit: Foodista


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