Fresh Watermelon Gazpacho with the high nutritional content

Gazpacho – ‘the soup-salad of Spain’ dates back to when Spain was part of the Islamic world. Traditionally made with mortar and left over bread that was about a week old. When I first met the hubby one of the things he loved to make up was a big pot of tomato gazpacho, for me it was hard to understand why you would want to blend so many vegetables in one soup rather then just simply eating a salad. The more I drank it, the more the flavors came into harmony on my pallet and now it’s a weekly staple at the table.

The sweet fresh taste coupled with the high nutritional content makes this soup-salad perfect for summer bbq’s, kids parties, picnics and a whole lot more.

Perfect for/ at…

*A BBQ or picnic, it’s a nutritious and hearty making a perfect starter

* Serve it in a bowl or a glass

*Adds a vibrant colour to any table setting

Ingredients Swaps

*Watermelon; instead of this sweet taste you could switch up the watermelon to tomatoes which makes it a lot more salty and acidic taste. Another fruit that works well is strawberry, but its got the small black seeds so the texture also change a bit of the soup.

Ingredient Alert

Watermelon; although it’s 92 percent water – is full of vitamins, lycopene (important for cardiovascular health), antioxidants, potassium and amino acids. It’s digests easy and leaves your system feeling light and fresh.

According to Ayurvedic food combinations it is believed that when light fruits are eaten alone they digest well but if you eat other heavy hard to digest food then the watermelon has to wait till the other food has digested and often can cause gas and indigestion as it starts to ferment in the system.


600 Grams watermelon
½ Kilo tomatoes
¼ Onion
1 Small cucumber
¼ Red pepper
1 Clove of garlic
4 Teaspoons olive oil
4 Teaspoons red wine vinegar
⅕ Teaspoons pink salt
6 Mint leaves


1. Cut in chunks and de-seed the watermelon
2. Next is the Tomatoes, remove skin, de-seed and cut into chunks
3. Peel skin and cut into chunks the cucumber
4. Chop garlic, onion and pepper into small dice
5. Put all the fruits and vegetables into the blender and blend till a smoothie texture
6. Add salt, olive oil and vinegar and blend for 5 seconds till all mixed
7. Taste and feel free to adjust the ingredients, increase salt or vinegar etc.
8. Store in the fridge for 20 minutes or more till ready to serve and then top with chopped mint leaves
Credit: Foodista


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