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Marinated Limoncello Chicken With Rice & Limoncello Courgettes

I made this with home made limoncello. I have my Home made limoncello on Foodista!


2 chicken fillets, no skin, cleaned, cut into chunks
For the marinade:
3 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & finely cut up
inch zeste from 1 large lemon ( skin not treated with chemicals ) I buy mine my foodhealth shop
juice of that same 1 lemon
6 sprigs of fresh tyme, just the leaves ( no stalks )
125 ml of home made limoncello
for the rest:
baking margarine
EVOO ( Extra Virgin Olive Oil )
2 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & finely cut up
2 smalls yellow courgettes, washed & pad dry on kitchen paper, ends & pits removed, if th
2 mediums green courgettes, washed, pad dry on kitchen paper, ends
a few pinches of dried provencal herbs
15 to 20 ml of limoncello
white thai rice for 2 persons, cooked & drained ( keep warm )
2 preheated large plates


1. Take a large Ziplog bag & place all the ingredients for the marinade in it. Add the chicken pieces & seal the bag. Massage with your hands the outside of the bag carefully. Place into a fitting bowl in case of leakage. Place in the fridge for at least 1 hour. I marinated it for 2 hours!
2. Meanwhile, you can rest.
3. When the marinating is over, take the bag out of the fridge. Take a large non stick pan & heat up on medium high. Pour 3 tablespoons of the EVOO in it & heat up. When hot, add the garlic pieces & the courgettes slices, maybe in 2 batches to the pan. Add a few pinches of dried Provencal herbs & stir from time to time. Fry until ready, but not too cooked trough. It still has to have a little bite! Place into a large serving dish with a fitting lid. Do the same with the rest of the courgettes, add a few pinches of dried Provencal herbs & a little splash of Limoncello.(15 to 20 ml ) when ready, add with the rest of the courgettes pieces. Keep warm.
4. Now, take the chicken pieces out of the marinade. Heat tha same large pan on high heat & put some baking margarine in it. When melted, add the chiciken pieces & fry until tender & cooked trough, for a few minutes. Because it has marinated, the chicken wil be moist on the inside & tastes absolutely lovely!
5. Meanwhile, pour the marinade into a little sauce pan & cook for 5 to 8 minutes until it has a bit cooked in. This will be your sauce. When everything is ready, plate up. The sauce still will be thin.
6. Take your preheated plates & place the rice in the middle of your plates. Spoon the courgettes mix on top & all around the rice. Lay your chicken pieces all around the rice mix & on top of the courgettes mix around the plate. Spoon the sauce over the top & enjoy!!!
Credit: Foodista

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