“Sisig” Roll excellent taste

“Sisig” (see’ seeg) is an original Filipino recipe started by folks from the country’s northern part, Pampanga.
Often served as appetizer, on as is plain meat in sizzling plate, as food to go along with beer, wine or liquor.
Modifications introduced by different regions rendered the delicacy the status creating it a main course to go with rice meal.
To date, none that I know of, this preparation is somewhat similar or present in other countries.
Reason: the original recipe calls for the use of “char-grilled boneless pork mask” which,
I believe, is not at all sold out there.
If yes, then great let’s proceed.
My innovations: the use of other pork cut for less fat-juicier & more tender bite,
the use of ingredients blend other than those used in the original formula
and the technological sequence of preparation, all contributing
to a well rounded taste complemented by a different type of presentation…in rolls.
Simple procedure but excellent taste is attained and optimized due to production sequence.
So flattered am I when this innovation was actually approximated (trying very hard)
by no less than 5 restaurants in the Metro.
Smokey, vinegar-y & lemon-ly acidic, piquant with hints of onion, red cayenne and cracked black pepper
while crackling sound of seared pork skin fills your mouth every tablespoonful encounter.
Highly recommended as “antipasto” for your cold ones.
And, again, I use the grammage system of prep by weight not the volumetric cups & teaspoons.
Pound the weighing scale to your tabletop once more.


1 kilo skin-on pork mask if available
1 kilo skin-on picnic shoulder
¼ kilo lightly boiled chicken liver (semi cooked). Mash to a paste state. Set aside
Flavor enhancers:
Cane vinegar 70 ml.
Kosher salt 5 grams
Cracked black pepper 2 grams
1 bulb large white onion finely chopped. Set aside ½.
1 clove garlic crushed. Set aside.
2 pcs red cayenne or Jalapeno pepper finely chopped.
soy sauce 50 ml.
lemon juice 20 ml.
palm oil 15 ml.
Grilling/serving medium:
Pita bread (roll) 20-25 pieces


1. De-hair and clean well meat. Boil to “bite-friendly” tenderness but not to the point of disintegration.
2. In fiery red charcoal, while tossing and tumbling boiled meat as needed, grill enough to sear or turn skin dark brown.
3. Slice and cut into 4 pieces per square inch. Set aside.
4. In a suitable frying pan, heat palm oil. Add in crushed garlic, toss until brown, dump the ½ chopped onion-mix and tumble until translucent. Remove or strain cooked solids. Set aside this “flavored oil”.
5. In a bowl, in this sequence and while tossing constantly, mix cut meat, chicken liver paste, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, black and red peppers. Mix well.
6. In the same frying pan with “flavored oil” pour in meat mixture and lightly heat tumbling well to avoid sticking to bottom of pan.
7. Remove pan from heat and lastly, add in lemon juice and the other ½ chopped onion. Tumble.
8. Heat very lightly pita bread until little brown spots appear in still live charcoal or at direct fire from gas stove.
9. Lay flat unto plate and pour in 50 grams “Sisig”. Roll as shown in picture.
10. Cut into 2-3 pieces if desired. Garnish. Serve.
Credit: Foodista

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