COVID-19 cases soar by 312% in 3 weeks, Hospitals full in Louisiana, Florida, and Missouri



As the delta variant spreads across the nation, the number of daily and weekly infections are also breaking earlier records in several states across the nation. Hospitals are full in the worst affected states such as Louisiana, Florida, and Missouri. The only small silver lining in this impending gloom is that COVID-19 vaccinations are also rising in the last five days. President Biden’s target of 70 percent Americans vaccinated with a single dose may soon be achieved just over a month later than expected.


On Sunday, America recorded 25,141 new cases of coronavirus and the seven-day average of cases averaged at 79,951. These figures indicate that there has been a 312 percent increase in COVID-19 cases when compared with the 19,400 cases that were reported three weeks ago.


The number of fatalities has also increased with 71 deaths on Sunday due to the coronavirus. The seven-day average deaths stood at 341. This shows an increase of 45 percent from the 234 average deaths that were reported three weeks ago.


The southern states which have a lower average of vaccinated persons are not only facing the largest surges as the delta variant spreads but are also facing large number of hospitalizations and many hospitals have already reached full capacity, as the fourth wave of COVID-19 spreads through the nation.


Hospitals in Florida, Louisiana and Missouri are full and are exploring novel means to find beds for those with severe symptoms as the medical professionals do not wish to turn anyone away. Major hospitals including the Mayo Clinic hospital and UF North in Jacksonville, Our Lady of Lourdes, Oschner Lafayette General and more are full.


 The vaccination rate is picking up as many people are finally realizing that these vaccines offer protection. Some of them have also understood that vaccines also decrease the severity of the delta infection among the breakthrough cases. More than 700,000 jabs have been given daily, five days in a row.

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