CPSC Warns Parents Stop Using  Nursing Pillows for Sleeper regarding an investigation of  Infant Deaths potentially  Associated with Pillow-Like Products


Toddler deaths have been tied to Boppy loungers, nursing pillows, Consumer Reports warns.

Consumer Reports this  statement from Amy St. Germain, Boppy’s VP of marketing:

“We have long provided clear and unequivocal warnings and instructions for safe usage on all products. We have always stressed that our products are for awake time only. And, as clearly noted on all products, packaging and promotional materials, infants should not be unattended or left to sleep on or with any Boppy product. Despite these measures, our product has been used for infant sleep-in adult beds, sofas, cribs, bassinets, and play yards with blankets, pillows, and people—contrary to our warnings, AAP’s guidelines, and CPSC’s October 7, 2020, warning.”


Release Details:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Each year, almost a thousand infants tragically suffocate in their sleep. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has long been concerned with infant deaths related to consumer products such as cribs, inclined sleepers, and pillows. While the agency investigates deaths associated with pillow-like products, we continue to remind parents and caregivers that Bare is Best for an infant’s sleeping environment.

CPSC is warning parents and caregivers that pillow-like infant products, including nursing pillows and “lounging pads,” are not designed for sleep and are not safe for sleep.

Nursing Pillows and Loungers Under Investigation for Infant Deaths

CPSC has identified deaths possibly associated with pillow-like products and continues to analyze incident data with the goal of determining the risks with these products and providing more clarity to the public on any risks associated with these products. The initial assessment of incidents shows deaths when children are left on or near pillows, and the child rolls over, rolls off, or falls asleep. CPSC is investigating the entire class of products. CPSC is not issuing a warning with regard to any specific brand at this time.

What Parents and Caregivers Should Remember:

Do not allow infants to sleep on nursing pillows or other pillow-like products. Do not use infant sleep products with inclined seat backs of more than 10 degrees. Parents and caregivers should not use infant car seats, bouncers, and other infant inclined products for sleep, and should follow manufacturer instructions.

Follow safe sleep advice. Bare is Best: Do not add blankets, pillows, padded bumpers, or other items to the baby’s sleep environment. Back to Sleep: Always place infants to sleep on their backs on a firm, flat surface.

If you have had an incident with an infant and a pillow-like product, please help in CPSC’s investigation by reporting your incident at our website www.saferproducts.gov. The information you provide could save lives. Source:
United States



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