Crypto Twitter gets busy trying to figure out Jack Dorsey’s 705742 tweet


On Tuesday, Jack Dorsey sent crypto tweeters into a questioning frenzy as they speculated on the meaning of his 705742 tweet which was on his feed at 3:29 p.m, on Tuesday, in New York. The twittterarti begun speculation as one of them questioned whether it was a block number. Blockchain website said that it was the number of a Bitcoin block that had ben mined, following the tweet.

Another person, who some might call an over the top optimist, questioned whether it was a record high for BTC—Bitcoin. The Bitcoin has been rising recently and was hovering above $62,000 but has not reached such a high number, as mentioned in the tweet.

Jack Dorsey, a founder of Twitter and the current CEO of Square has been a longtime supporter of Bitcoin. He was one of the earliest adopters of the crypto currency so it is possible that the number could have something to do with crypto. However, one of our guesses at Cweb News is that it the number of his current tweet as we believe that it is possible that he has posted several hundreds of thousands of tweets. His first tweet, decades ago, was recently sold as an NFT (non fungible token).

Dorsey has always been a champion of crypto currency, particularly the Bitcoin. So, it is highly likely that the number might be associated with digital coins. In September, Twitter had posted that it would allow users of its social media platform to send and receive tips in Bitcoin.

Last week, Square had announced that it would not only continue with the creation of a digital wallet but might also build open source bitcoin mining for individuals as well as businesses. This announcement by the early advocate of Bitcoin had also resulted in a price surge.

Twitter didn’t respond when asked for comment by Bloomberg who reported the news of the mystery number. Jack Dorsey of Square also remained silent when asked for a comment via the social media platform.

The social media platform Twitter has seen cryptic tweets in the past, as well. Some tweets, including covfefe by the former President Donald Trump have remained somewhat of a mystery though pop culture dictionary defines it as a viral typo for “coverage” from a tweet by Donald Trump. Will 705742 remain a cryptic viral tweet? As of now, perhaps only Jack Dorsey has an answer to this question.

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