– Another Genius idea by Google and Company. Google Files Patent for Electronic Device That Is Injected Into Eyeball. View More Photos. Win a Free Movie or a Concert Ticket When You Vote For the Celebrity or Movie We Review on CWEB 

google eye1 – Google’s patent is for an electronic lens that is injected into the eyeball to correct poor vision, Forbes reported on Thursday. Google recently filed a patent for an electronic device that would be injected directly into the user’s eyeball. As described in the patent filing, the intra-ocular device includes an electronic lens that is injected within a fluid which solidifies after application. The electronic devices then attaches to the eye’s lens capsule, the membrane that keeps the eyeball under tension. It gets squirmier: The eyeball device apparently includes various sensors, a radio transceiver, a battery and a storage component, in addition to the lens itself.

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