Dog Odor Removal Tips on Helping Your Dog

Removal of dog odor is possible. So if your pooch stinks you can get rid of it and this is great news!

To do this let’s first cover the top areas that cause pet odor. I will then give you several things that will fix the smelly problem after we identify what is causing it.

So if your cat or dog is repugnant here are the main reasons your animal may be causing your house to smell.

Top Reasons:

Dead Hair, Infected Ears, Bad Breath, Compacted Anal Glands, Urine Stains on the Carpet, Skin Allergies, Scent Camouflaging (which essentially the dog rolled in something).

The next question to ask is: Where is the smell coming from on the dog?

Dead Hair – an unpleasant aroma will happen when your dog has not been brushed in quite some time. This is due to the fact that dead hair will accumulate on the animal and not allow the dog’s skin to breathe. You can remedy this by brushing your dog weekly to remove the dead hair.

Infected Ears – when your animal’s ears get infected it will cause a stench. This is because ear mites will eat the animal’s ear wax and excrete inside the dog’s ear. Your veterinarian will be able to give you some solution on how to treat this problem. Most of this solution is available at Pet Smart. It is very easy to apply to a soft cloth and clean the ears by following the instructions on the label.

Skin Allergies – you should bath your dog once a month. This will prevent inflaming the skin if your dog has allergies. You should also consult your veterinarian for an antihistamine for your dog to reduce the source of the allergy. Try to find out what is causing the skin to inflame (the source of bad order) then prevent your animal from coming in contact with what is causing the allergy.

Overall Hygiene – giving your pet a bath every two weeks will help cut down on the smell problem. Also purchasing a bed made from wooden cedar chips will allow the animal to smell fresh naturally.

Sprayed by a skunk-If your animal was sprayed by a skunk it will help to wash them in tomato juice then rinse them with water. Continue this process 3-5 times until the bad smell becomes manageable.

Bad Breath – if your dog has bad breathed it is generally because owners are feeding their dog’s table scraps. This is not recommended because there are many things people can eat that is bad for a dog’s digestive system. The best thing to do is stick to dog food. Bad breathe is generally caused by plaque build up on the animal’s teeth. To remedy this bad breath give your dog a rawhide or bone every two weeks for the animal to chew. These bones actually help polish the dog’s teeth and remove the plaque. If the problem continues it may be an internal problem with the dog’s organs and you should seek your veterinarian’s advice.

Anal Glands – Generally dogs will massage their backends (or lick) to express the anus glands. These expressions discharge a strong odor. This is a healthy process. While this sounds unpleasant, if a dog doesn’t do this the area will become infected and smell much worse. Your vet can also show you how to manual express your dog in case your animal cannot do it himself. If you suspect the area has become infected your pet may need vet attention.

Urine Stains on Carpet – Cat Urine and Dog Urine are two of the most difficult things to remove. The best thing to use is Oxi-Clean on the carpet area that the dog stained. After you have treated the area on your carpet an odor may still be present. This can be neutralized by putting a mild solution of vinegar on the area where the urine was. The vinegar smell will eventually go away and the vinegar itself will neutralize the urine odor.
Overall House Cleaning – Vacuuming your home and cleaning up after your pet weekly can improve the scent of your home. Other things like carpet freshener can greatly help when used in combination with vacuuming.

Carpet Cleaning: Regular carpet cleaning can also help you to keep your dog fresh and odor free. I know you are busy and carpet cleaning is a daunting task but Don’t feed bother about it, because there is some special type of carpet cleaners are available in the market that can make your task easy. You should read this review – Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets.

Stagnant Air – Pets can create a cloud of stagnant air that is very noticeable when people enter your house. This can be solved by purchasing an ionizer that will purify the air. These are also known as an Air Purifier.

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