Donald Trump affordable care act ultimatum –


Donald Trump affordable care act ultimatum –

A statement from President Trump : “President Trump is done negotiating over the health care bill and wants a vote on Friday, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told lawmakers… if the House does not pass the bill, the president is moving on to other priorities and leaving the law known as Obamacare in place.”

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  1. No disrespect Mr. President but what the damn heck is your big hurry on the ACA? You need to get this right you do not need to demand a vote and call it a day and move on……..I mean this bill you are trying to pass is worse than what Obama did. You need to sit down and talk to everyone to include dems, make this right before moving on please. And you need to get this right before moving to tax reform because this is a big part of that. Come on, close the deal like a man that promised us you would make it right and stop threating your people with the next election. You are a full grown man who promised us. Now let’s see you step up to the plate and get rid of Paul Ryan his deal is just to awful for the people you govern and promised. Sincerely, Cindy Devaughn, SFC, U.S. Army Retired

  2. Now that it’s failed…well he really go away?

    1. Cynthia Devaughn, SFC, U.S. Army Retired

    2. Dear Mr. President, Lord have mercy on us all. I thought you were a business man who did things right and would not do anything without it being without spot or blemish. I am shaking my head at how the repubs are celebrating this vote today, just like in 2010 no one knows what’s in it and it’s still run by the government. And while I’m at it…… disrespect, but please stop bragging about your accomplishments……..God knows and the American people no need to feed and boast to the libs and dems. And please stay off of twitter. I know you have been working hard everyday and have done a lot of good things, you need to always go to the Lord in prayer before making any decisions that will affect the American people whom you swore. May God continue to bless you, I pray for you every night. But, I have serious doubts about this ACA. Maybe you could hire me as your personal assistant to get good information to you before you supporting something that does not help us. God speed.

  3. Now that it’s failed…will he really go away?

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