Dr. Dre reaches divorce settlement of $100 Million with ex-wife Nicole Young

Rapper Dr. Dre, born Andre Young and his ex-wife Nicole Young have reached a divorce settlement of $100 million after 18 months or so of acrimony and messy arguments and accusations. He will pay her $50 million now. The rest of the $50 million will be paid in a year’s time. The rapper said that he was “delighted” that she was getting a fraction of his $820 million fortune. She had asked for half his fortune.

Although Nicole Young had asked for 50 percent of his wealth, she had signed a prenup. She contested it and received a settlement of $100 million, though she has to pay her own legal fees. She also got 4 vehicles. She can keep jewelry, cash and her bank account that she had maintained during her almost quarter century of married life. Young will not receive spousal support, although she had asked for it.

Meanwhile Dr. Dre is “delighted” according to sources who spoke to TMZ that he gets to keep a major portion of his $820 million fortune. He will keep all the seven properties that they own plus six vehicles. He also gets full rights to his master recordings. He keeps his interest in various partnerships as well as trusts.

Dr. Dre had sold “Beats by Dre” to Apple Music. The extremely popular hip hop artiste also gets to keep the Apple stocks that he got as proceeds from the sale.

Sources who are close to the 56-year old rapper say that 51-year old Nicole Young could have got more if she had settled last year. One source also said that she could have been at the Super Bowl as a friendly, ex-wife, had she settled last year.

Lawyer for Dr. Dre Laura Wasser said that the rapper and Young were already divorced. The money matters had not be settled earlier. Earlier in December, Dr. Dre had posted a photo of himself smiling widely. The backdrop consisted of a display of huge silver balloons which read “DIVORCED AF.” He was technically divorced according to his lawyer at that time and the financial details were being worked out at that point in time.


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