Dwayne The Rock Johnson gifts personal truck F-15 Raptor to Navy veteran


Actor Dwayne Johnson recently gifted a Navy veteran, who is also a fan, his personal custom Ford-150 Raptor pickup. He shared the emotional moments where Oscar Rodriguez of Los Angeles was overwhelmed as he got the truck from The Rock, on social media.

An audience had gathered to watch Johnson’s Netflix hit film “Red Notice” on the big screen. He provided the audience with free concessions that included

energy drinks
ice cream.

This was not all that he provided. He went to the front of the auditorium and said that he had one special “unforgettable” gift for a fan who had impressed him. He called out the fan’s name as “Oscar Rodriguez.”

Rodriguez rushed to the front and received a huge hug from Johnson. Then the star read a long list of achievements of Rodriguez that included the following:

Rodriguez takes care of his 75-year old mother.
He’s a personal trainer, who helps people to get fit.
He’s a church leader.
He provides support and meals for women who have been victims of domestic violence.
He’s a Navy veteran.
He’s a kind human being.

Rodriguez said that he was “speechless” and that he felt “uplifted.” He also told The Rock that he followed him on Instagram.

Then Johnson asked Rodriguez to follow him outside where his customized F-15 Ford Raptor was parked. Rodriguez said that he recognized the truck from social media posts that showed Johnson in it.

Then Johnson told him, “It is my truck and now it’s your truck.”

Rodriguez started crying and was overwhelmed after receiving this one-of-a-kind gift.

Johnson posted the reason why he gave away his personal truck on Instagram. He said that he wanted to give the Navy vet the Porsche Taycan he drove in ‘Red Notice.” However, the automaker said no to the request of giving the car that was a part of the movie. So, Johnson decided to give his truck instead.

His post went viral and got more than a million likes and 53,000 comments on Instagram and Twitter. Ford CEO Jim Farley was one of them. He retweeted Dwayne Johnson’s post and added a personal message.

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