Early closure for Target and Walgreens in San Francisco due to increase in theft


Target in San Francisco has decided to shutter their stores at an earlier time due to an increase in thefts. The retail chains are also concerned about the safety of their customers. Six Target stores in San Francisco will close at 6 p.m. instead of the earlier time of 10 p.m. Walgreens is permanently closing some of its stores.


Target has accepted the fact that their stores in San Francisco have been targeted by thieves and so they are closing stores at an earlier time. The retailer said that they had been experiencing a significant and alarming rice in theft and security incidents at their San Francisco stores which was similar to reports from other retailers in the area.


The company also said that they have temporarily reduced their operations hours in six stores in San Francisco keeping in mind the security of their guests, team members and communities.


The 7-Eleven in the Financial District conducts business through a metal door after 10 p.m. A customer has to ring a bell to alert the staff. Manager Bobby Singh said that the window was installed about two to three months ago, as the situation was unsafe. Singh also said that the glass on the door has been broken in the past.


Walgreens has closed several stores in San Francisco. Security guards in the functioning stores have been told to avoid engaging with the thieves as the company was concerned about lawsuits and staff security and would prefer to leave the arrests to law enforcement officials.


San Francisco Supervisor Ahsha Safai has asked the San Francisco Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office to formulate a plan to decrease retail crime. Safai wants them to find out why the city is being targeted and that the “city is hurting” as thefts are increasing, and stolen goods are resold.

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