Ten Shot, Sixteen Injured as Man in Brooklyn Opens Fire at Station Graphic Live Footage

On Tuesday, a gunman is believed to have flung a smoke bomb into a southbound R train at Brooklyn’s 25th Street Station shortly before 8.30 a.m. and began firing shots as the train doors closed. The man described by witnesses as 5ft 5 black weighing 170 pounds, was wearing a construction vest in orange and gas mask,

After killing at least eight people on a crowded subway train in Sunset Park during rush hour the is on the run. It is possible that he was in an MTA vest. It is said that he was carrying construction tools as well.

The horrified passengers were then stuck aboard the train until it reached 36th Street. As soon as the doors opened, they spilled out onto the platform, coughing as smoke billowed from the subway vehicle. Some passengers dragged injured passengers off the train and laid them on the platform until help arrived. Others fled in tears, fearful for their lives.

Out of the eight people shot, one of them is now in a bad condition. According to fire department sources, 13 people were hurt in total; four were injured by smoke inhalation, and one was a pregnant woman.

NYPD officers are currently searching the city’s empty subway tunnels for the gunman, who is suspected of jumping onto the rails at 36th Street and fleeing. An amber alert has been issued for the entire city of New York. Elementary schools in the area were placed on lockdown as police searched for the shooter.

According to the FDNY, multiple smoke bombs were discovered at the 36th Street station, but none were active explosives, according to the NYPD.

The shooter acted alone, the cops said. According to multiple sources, a fight may have erupted on the train moments before the shooting. A motive is being investigated, but for the time being, the first priority for detectives is to find the gunman.

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