Eric Adams, NYC mayoral candidate to meet President Biden at the White House on Monday



New York City mayoral candidate, Eric Adams is in Washington DC. He will meet President Biden at the White House this afternoon according to reports by the Wall Street Journal and The Uprising. A high-profile strategy session on gun control is the main topic on the agenda. Mayors and top police officials are also expected to attend the meeting. A White House spokesperson said that the group will discuss a comprehensive strategy by the administration to reduce gun crimes.


The meeting attendees might include


  • Attorney General Merrick Garland
  • Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose
  • Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington DC
  • Top police officials from Chicago
  • Top police officials from Memphis
  • Top police officials from Newark
  • NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams


President Biden is looking to raise his national profile on law and order. Traditionally Republicans hijack the issue to make it a key part of their strategy. However, Biden talks of strengthening and not defunding the police work although he also calls for police reforms.


The Biden administration is gearing up to fight crime which is increasing throughout the nation as it opens up after the pandemic. Republicans are using the rise in crime to criticize the President and the administration. Recent calls to defund the police by Democrats after the George Floyd incident have also been criticized by the GOP.


President Biden is looking to reduce crimes through a combination of strategies that include funding law enforcement, using strategic plans to decrease gun trafficking and conducting social programs to rehabilitate ex-convicts and educate youth.


Eric Adams, the mayoral candidate for New York City primarily won the primary on his tough stance on law and order. He made public safety the focus of his campaign and won despite stiff competition from other candidates. The former Brooklyn Police Captain made it a key issue in his candidacy. He is attending the meeting as the Brooklyn borough president.


Adam’s win in the primary has almost ensured that he will be the next mayor of NYC. He will face Republican Curtis Silwa, the founder of Guardian Angels, a volunteer group that had its own anti-crime patrols in New York City from many, many years. However, a majority of New Yorkers register as Democrats, so his victory is almost assured.



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