Facebook is making drastic changes to Instagram to compete with TikTok and YouTube


On Wednesday, Facebook’s head of Instagram shared plans of the new experiments that will be launched on what once was a primarily a community photo sharing app but now has become much more. Many celebrities post updates, nuptials news, holiday photos and videos on Instagram. But the head of Instagram believes that both YouTube and TikTok are huge rivals, so the photo and video app is changing to compete with them.


Instagram head Adam Mosseri said that the app will embrace video broadly. There will be full display screens with immersive entertainment and mobile-first videos. The app will also point its customers towards full screen movies of their feeds, not only the ones they follow.


Although Instagram had been known as a photo sharing app or a square photo sharing app, its head says that they are not one and there will be a change in the content material which will bring them more in line with the content offered by their competitors.


Mosseri said that he sincerely believes that the app faces well entrenched rivals. He mentions both ByteDance’s short video app TikTok as well as Google’s YouTube as “critical competitors.”


In August 2020, Instagram took a step forward to deal with one of its critical competitors TikTok. It launched “Reels.” It is a type of short form video similar to TikTok. It allows Instagram customers to create content material that can be overlaid with audio as well as with augmented reality (AR) effects;  similar to what is created on TikTok by millions of its customers.


Mosseri also said that people go to Instagram to get entertainment. Instagram faces stiff competition and they had much to do so that they could keep up with their rivals.


Mosseri also stated that all the changes he had mentioned would be coming to Instagram in the next few weeks or months.


TikTok and YouTube are extremely popular social media video platforms. It remains to be seen if Facebook’s head of Instagram Adam Mosseri will succeed making Instagram a disruptive influence with all the mew experiments, to these rival platforms in the next few months.


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