Finnish man blows Tesla to protest high battery replacement cost, places Elon Musk effigy inside



A Finnish owner of a Tesla S Model was so upset with the high cost of a replacement battery for his electric vehicle that he blew up the car using 66 pounds of dynamite. Tuomas Katainen asked Finnish YouTubers to blow up his car and they obliged. They also threw in an extra by putting in a dummy with Elon Musk’s face inside the vehicle.

In a video shared millions of times, Finnish YouTubers Pommijatkat “bomb dudes” blew up the car with dynamite sticks and the lookalike effigy of the billionaire CEO of Tesla Motors. The vloggers strapped the car with dynamite. They then detonated it by pressing a button. There was a spectacular blow up and the car was reduced to debris.


The entire shoot took place at a Finnish location which featured a rugged, snowy, natural backdrop. The YouTubers pointed high definition cameras at the dynamite strapped Tesla Model S 2012. They captured a dynamic video of the blow up from several angles. Tuomas, a resident of Jyvaskyla, Finland and other spectators cheered as there was a big ball of fire which soon cindered the Tesla to tiny pieces.

According to a report in the Daily Mail. Tuomas, the owner of the Tesla that was blown up said in the video that was posted that “the first 1,500 km were nice.” Later, the error code hit and he sent his car for service using a tow truck. It was at a Tesla workshop for a month, following which they informed him that they had to change the entire battery cell and that the cost would be at least 20,000 Euros.


YouTube Screenshot

He said that he told them that he was going to “explode the whole car” as “apparently there was no guarantee or anything.” Just before detonating it he joked that they were “in a point where there is bombs attached on a car and Tesla is ready to go.”

Electrek, an electric vehicle news website reported that another Tesla owner had been quoted $22,500 for a battery pack replacement, when he took his electric vehicle for repair to a Tesla service center. So, he took it to an independent garage where he was provided with a $5,000 working replacement battery.

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