Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers say 3rd juror lied about abuse, increasing hope for retrial


Last week, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell had been found guilty by a jury in New York, of sex trafficking and other charges. However, two jurors had spoken to the media and had recounted their experiences of sexual abuse; to influence the jury’s decision. This gave hope to Maxwell, the longtime friend of accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein that there could be a retrial. Now, there is a third juror who lied about being abused according to her lawyers.

According to a report, the Mail on Sunday revealed that the lawyers of Ghislaine Maxwell found a third juror who lied about being abused. A source said that her legal team are “confident” that a third juror lied on the application to be filled in for jury duty. There are also potential questions about a fourth juror and the source said that “this thing is up in the air.”

Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction had been in question after a couple of jurors spoke to the media saying that they had convinced other jurors about the “memory aspect of sexual abuse.” One juror identified as Juror No. 50, Scotty David had spoken to Reuters and told them that he had flown through the pre-trial questionnaire. He said that he did not recall any questions being asked about sexual abuse in the form.

The juror had said that he had helped some of the members and influenced the decision as he spoke of his memories of sexual abuse. The 35-year old has hired a juror as he could face a jail-term if it is established that he intentionally lied when answering the questionnaire.

A second juror had also spoken to the New York Times. This juror who also spoke of sharing experiences of sexual abuse as a child with the rest of the jury remained anonymous. As the Mail on Sunday reported of a third and fourth juror possibly lying on their questionnaires, the hope of a retrial for Ghislaine Maxwell is very high.


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