Ghislaine Maxwell was a ‘master manipulator’, Epstein accuser says as Maxwell trial is on

A former masseuse described Ghislaine Maxwell as a “master manipulator.” Theresa Helm who leveled this charge against the British socialite, is not a part of the ongoing trial against Maxwell. Helm is a masseuse who accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexually assaulting her in 2002. She was 22-years old and had been told to give him a massage by Maxwell.

Helm said that she had been approached for a massage therapist’s job in 2002 by someone whom she described as a “polite socialite.” She was 22 years old and was attending college in California when she met Maxwell.

She recalled her experience at 41, when she spoke to the BBC. She said that she had been excited when she was approached by the socialite as she “immediately felt comfortable around her.” At that time, flying to New York sounded like a “dream” job.

On Wednesday, she told the outlet that she had given Maxwell a massage. She was then told that she had to meet Jeffrey Epstein at his Upper East Side home. It was there that he sexually assaulted her.

Helm said that Maxwell had told her that she should make sure that she gave Jeffrey what he wanted as “Jeffrey always gets what he wants.” She added that Maxwell was the reason why she entered “the home of a predator.”

The current Ohio resident also said that that she was now aware that this was “part of the tactic of a master manipulator.”

Describing her meeting with Maxwell to the BBC she said that she felt that she was in an “educated and successful woman’s home” in New York. She mentioned that she thought that Maxwell was the intended client as she initially performed a massage on her. Maxwell reportedly fell asleep so Helm thought that the meeting was “going well.”

Helm mentioned that she was told later that there was a “second part” of the interview. She had to meet Epstein at his townhouse that was located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She was sexually assaulted at his residence.

Helm has since accepted compensation and will reportedly receive shares from a $100 million payout from Jeffrey Epstein’s estate.

Meanwhile in New York, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is entering its fourth day. Her defense lawyers are doing their best to undermine the testimonies of the victims who are testifying against her. All four of them were underage when they were sexually assaulted by pedophile and financier, the late Jeffrey Epstein.

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