Gina Carano latest tweet against vaccines on social media when nation is struggling due to the delta variant



Gina Carano, the Republican sympathizer, in not new to controversy. She had stirred up enough of it, earlier this year, losing an iconic role as Cara Dune in Lucasfilm’s, The Mandalorian as well as scuttling  her chances of starring in Rangers of the New Republic. On Thursday, she used a South Park meme to question vaccination efforts.


Gina has spoken against masks in the past. She has now come out against vaccines at a time when the delta variant continues to surge and create huge havoc in the nation; mainly among large numbers of persons who have been unvaccinated while having milder effects on the few vaccinated who have also been infected.


Her tweet was slammed by many on social media. One commenter said that they liked Gina, but she was not helping as the person also said that almost all of those who had a severe case of COVID-19 or those who died had been unvaccinated and that was a fact.


Others reminded her that the delta variant was more harmful to those who had not been vaccinated. Some also said that she was giving power to anti-vaxxers. One post said that choosing to remain unvaccinated could be viewed as “draft dodging.”


She also got support for her post as she got approximately 38,000 likes and 7,000 retweets.


Although Gina had been fired from Disney for her insensitive comments about the holocaust there were indications that Disney might reconsider their decision. They had recently aired a show of her as a guest on Running Wild with Bear Grylls on Disney+.


With her Twitter once again peddling a conspiracy theory, it is difficult to see her work for Disney in the near future. She has been signed on by The Daily Wire to star in a few movies with them.


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