Good Pillow, a democratic rival to conservative Mike Lindell’s MyPillow launches first pillow


On Monday, Good Pillow founded by Parkland shooting survivor and gun activist David Hogg and software developer William LeGate launched their first home produced Good Pillow. Hogg had teased the idea of a sustainable, ethically sourced pillow to counter the MyPillow manufactured by CEO Mike Lindell, a conservative member and ardent supporter of the former president Trump’s conspiracy theories of election fraud in the November 2020 elections won by Joe Biden.


There was a virtual “pillow fight” between Mike Lindell and David Hogg early this year Hogg said that he would manufacture ethical, sustainable pillows to counter Lindell. He has left for college. However, on Monday, the first pillow has come from the factory and many more will follow soon.


My Pillow posted on Twitter that the first Good Pillow had arrived from the factory. The post also mentioned that they had been quiet…with their heads down so that they could ramp up “manufacturing pillows in the middle of a pandemic.”


The company also said that Good Pillows were manufactured in Texas by workers who were being paid a living wage. They said that the profits would support good causes and concluded the post stating: “Coming soon.” The post also had an image of the pillow placed on a desk.”


Good Pillow also added another post on Twitter which said that they would soon announce full details and a surprise which they believe would please everyone. The Good Pillow website has a manifesto which proclaims that the company is committed to progressive causes. It says that it will hire unionized workers. The company will also sustainably source materials. It will also hold itself to be environmentally accountable.


On February 4, Hogg said that the company’s aim was to prove that progressives could make a better pillow, run a better business and do it while making the world a better place. On February 4, CEO of MyPillow Lindell had responded that there was nothing wrong with competition that didn’t infringe on “someone’s patent.”


Newsweek had asked both MyPillow and Good Pillow for comment but haven’t received a response, as  yet.

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