Google launches smart glasses prototype that translates languages in real time and more

On Wednesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai teased what could be Google’s future offering, a pair of smart glasses that was capable of translating different languages in real time to the person who wore them. These augmented reality (AR) glasses might help the wearer understand what a speaker is saying through the lenses of the smart glasses.

Pichai presented a video demonstration of a prototype of these AR glasses as a part of Google’s I/O developer summit. Although there was no mention when or if these smart glasses would be available in the market, the video demonstrated a direction of the tech giant’s research on AR.

About a decade ago, Google had ventured into the production of smart glasses called Google Glass. However, it didn’t catch the fancy of the consumer due to factors including
a limited launch
privacy and security issues
a high initial price.

Despite setbacks and receiving poor results in the market, Google continued to explore the smart glasses space. In 2020, Google acquired North, a company that made smart glasses and had Amazon backing.

There was not only a teaser on smart glasses but there was also a teaser for a new Android tablet with a Tensor chip. There were also other teasers at the company’s developer summit. These included
its first smart watch
Pixel 6A phone
Pixel 7 phone.

The hardware of the Pixel Watch was leaked weeks ago. The company provided a sneak peak into its software as well as its integration with Fitbit. It is expected to debut this fall.

The Pixel 6A phone will cost $449 and will be available for preorder on July 21. It is similar in design to Pixel 6 and has a Tensor chip. However, it has a 12-megapixel camera while the standard 6 model has a 50MP one.

The teasers for Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro show different camera cutouts as well as a different back panel. The 7 will have two cameras and the 7 Pro will have three. Google also announced other new developments in both software and hardware at its summit.

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