Governor Newsom Tweets for Women’s Reproductive Right To Choose, Will apathetic voters say No to recall?


Late night, September 1 Governor Gavin Newsom lent his support to women’s rights over their bodies and the right to choose after the Supreme Court upheld the Texas Abortion Law.  The abortion law is rigid and could impact the physical, mental, and emotional health of many women with its strict rules.


Newsom tweeted:

Silently – – – in the dead of

the night – – – the Supreme Court

eviscerated the protection

of a woman’s right to

choose that has been

protected for 50 years.

CA will continue to protect

this fundamental right &

lead the nation in

expanding access to

reproductive care.


He added a link of an article from the NY Times which reported that the Supreme Court would not block the Texas Abortion Law.

Governor Gavin Newsom of California is facing a recall vote on September 14. Although the Golden State has a majority of voters who register as Democrat, there has been apathy among these voters, and this could be troublesome for the Democrats as well as the state’s liberal policies if he doesn’t get a sufficient number of ‘No’ to the recall vote.

On the other hand, the Republicans are very enthusiastic as they believe they have a chance to win the gubernatorial elections, not because of the popularity of their candidate. They think they have a chance because the rules state that if a majority of voters do not vote “NO” on the recall, the candidate with the highest number of votes, in the list of 46 Republican candidates who are mentioned as replacements for the governor, would automatically become the next governor of California. It would not matter if this candidate got a minority of the states’ votes.

Larry Elder, a conservative radio host, is currently leading among the Republicans with an approximately 20 percent lead. He has strict conservative views on many issues including women’s rights and has passed discriminatory comments against them, in the past. According to an agency report  there were mistakes in his financial statements. His team acknowledged the mistakes and then it was corrected files. He also allegedly held a gun to his fiancée, according to another news report.

If the registered Democrats and independents do not vote “NO” in the recall vote against Governor Gavin Newsom, Larry Elder could become the next governor of California. This could also lead to laws that have recently passed in Texas which limit voting rights, women’s reproductive rights and open carry, permit less gun laws also make their way into the legislature in California. These are issues that would most probably disturb most of the ordinary residents of the Golden State.

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