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Harvesting Human Clones Could Give People ‘Spare Parts’, Make Them Live Much Longer, Researcher Says

Harvesting Human Clones Could Give People ‘Spare Parts’, Make Them Live Much Longer, Researcher Says


Woman Clones. Shutterstock/Yuriy Zhuravov

Transhumanists think that technological advancements will enable them to live indefinitely in the human world, if not forever. They believe that one method they can use to achieve this is to clone themselves, which they will then use to scavenge the bodies for transplantable parts.

While immortality is still only a distant possibility, one anti-aging researcher thinks people could extend human lives beyond the present biological limits, without any sort of magic injection or pill, a Daily Mail Exclusive reported.

The news outlet revealed that according to Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO of the biotech firm Insilico Medicine, human clones may hold the key to a supposedly eternal life. Theoretically, the science fiction idea of creating bodies in laboratories would give people “spare” vital organs when their own start to fail in order to prolong their lives.

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Dr. Zhavoronkov predicts that the method will be made available to humans during the lifetime of today’s children. His Hong Kong-based company creates medications to treat age-related illnesses. To transplant such body parts, their clone would be harvested.

While human clones are a highly contentious concept, Dr. Zhavoronkov believes they will one day be as commonplace as cars and iPhones. A genetically identical human being to someone who already exists or has in the past raises ethical questions.

According to the US National Human Genome Research Institute, this could be in conflict with enduring religious and societal values about human dignity and violate the tenets of individual identity, freedom, and autonomy. Others worry that proponents of eugenics might take advantage of the system.

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However, according to Dr. Zhavoronkov, the most likely way to increase life expectancy is to create “many” clones of people. He stated that if someone can find a way to circumvent ethical and legal issues, the technology will initially only be accessible. As transplantology has advanced to the extent that one can transplant virtually anything, a person can have a perfect body, or purchase one, and focus only on the longevity of his brain. The researcher said those in their twenties today “have a real chance of living many times longer…”.

Researchers at The Roslin Institute, a division of the University of Edinburgh, created Dolly the sheep using cells taken from the udder of a six-year-old sheep in a reproductive cloning attempt as the first successful animal clone. However, despite unfounded claims from some researchers that they have succeeded, human cloning has remained a challenge.

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