Has Celebrity Actress Amber Heard Contradicted Her Own Testimony? Watch Revealing Old Video

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Following Thursday’s court session, celebrity star Johnny Depp’s defamation proceedings against actress ex-wife Amber Heard have been suspended for 10 days. Since the judge has agreed to participate, the world will not see these two celebrities continue the drama until May 16th. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced that contradicts Amber Heard’s testimony.

People are wondering whether Heard has memory loss or her legal team provided her with a false script to make her feel better during the trial against Johnny Depp.

Heard stated in her initial statement that he knew nothing about Johnny Depp before meeting him on the set of ‘The Rum Diary.’
New evidence, on the other hand, reveals the exact opposite and supports Depp’s own account of how they met.

Heard was one of Johnny’s groupies, as she was continually flattering him with references and compliments. During the production, this is what made him fall in love with her. Amber Heard expresses her admiration for Depp in the old interview.

The way she gushed in the video, it looked as if she was dying to get a chance to share screen time along with the celebrity star. The video can be interpreted as a showcase of a mild obsession, which she has now suddenly seems to have forgotten.

When asked about Johnny Depp during the trial, she dismissed knowing him before landing the part of his co-star.

Her legal team obviously told her to say that, yet they continue to perjure themselves with resurfaced footage like this one. Heard was interviewed by the SheKnows YouTube channel in 2011 during the press junkets for ‘The Rum Diary.’

The 36-year-old has testified that she knew who he was, his art did not appeal to her, she had not heard of him before, but knew who he was. He is one of the most well-known people in the world.

The actress has also admired her co-star in another promotional interview for The Rum Diary. The interview was with BlackBook in 2011, where she said that filming a love scene with Depp was “surreal.”

Heard is facing a lot of backlash after yet another deception. Netizens were quick to accuse her of lying under oath, claiming she had committed perjury. They also discovered further data that plainly shows Heard was a ‘fan’ of Johnny Depp long before their relationship.

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