Holly Branson posts photo with Father Richard Branson before his flight to space 9 days before Bezos


Holly Branson, an executive at Virgin and Richard Branson’s daughter, said that she hadn’t left her father’s side for days. The 39-year-old said that it had brought back memories of Branson’s ballooning expeditions decades ago. Branson and his team will be launching into space on July 11, 2021, more than a week before Jeff Bezos is expected to make a similar trip.

Holly Branson posted on Twitter that she hadn’t left her father’s side in the past few days. She added that it brought back memories of his ballooning adventures. She nostalgically spoke of the days when she used to follow him around like a puppy for weeks before his ballooning expeditions. She said that she was doing the same thing again and so was Etta.

Holly is the eldest daughter of Richard and Joan Branson. She studied medicine at University College, London and practiced as a junior doctor at the National Health Services. In 2008, she joined her father’s Virgin Group.

Richard Branson is scheduled to fly to the edge of space on a spacecraft built by his company Virgin Galactic. He will be accompanied by a technical team. He said that the time had come to turn his “dream” to “reality.”

The team will travel on the VSS Unity that will launch from its parent craft VMS Eve. A live stream will begin at 14:00 BST and 9:00 ET. The entire event will begin from Spaceport America, in New Mexico. It will be available on Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.

The flight has been called the Unit 22 test flight as it is the 22nd flight for the spacecraft. The cabin will have a team of astronauts in the cabin. In 2022, they hope to fly the first of the 600 future astronauts who have already bought tickets to space.

Pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci will fly the spacecraft VSS Unity and CJ Struckow, and Kelly Latimer will fly the mothercraft VMS Eve.

The cabin will include

1. Richard Branson — Astronaut 001
2. Beth Moses — Astronaut 002
3. Colin Bennet — Astronaut 003
4. Sirisha Bandla — Astronaut 004

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