How Emmanuel Macron has preserved French cinematography and culture by honoring Jean Paul Belmondo


President Emmanuel Macron has been in the forefront of all things cultural and national. He honored one of the most iconic actors who has graced French and indeed international cinema—Jean Paul Belmondo. The young president has not only honored the legendary actor, last year but has also assumed the role of a world leader after taking charge of the European Union, after Russia invaded Ukraine. Not since the times of the great leader Charles De Gaulle, has the French presidency assumed such a major role in the international stage.

Speaking after the death of the 88-year old icon, who inspired and continues to inspire the French as well as other people around the world from all generations, Macron poured forth an emotional address during the national tribute that was paid to the memory of Jean-Paul Belmondo, last year.





Emmanuel Macron said, “We love Jean-Paul Belmondo because he resembled us. A giant among giants, but more than anything else a man among men.” He added, “We admire him, he makes us laugh…Belmondo is a bit like us, but better.

President Macron has not only honored, Jean-Paul Belmondo, the man with the “unforgettable smile” as well as an actor and human being par excellence, but is also doing his bit for the continet and for the world as he holds the EU presidency, when Europe is facing one of its worst crises with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He has opened channels through talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, while imposing sanctions as per the directives of NATO allies. This had led to comparisons with President Charles de Gaulle, one of the greatest leaders of modern France.

Charles de Gaulle led Free France against the Nazis in Germany during World War II. He was responsible for the rise of France to its modern day glory till he resigned from power in 1969, after leading the nation through turbulent times.

President Emmanuel Macron is leading modern day France culturally as well as leading the European Union with authority and guidance with the hope of preventing World War III.


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